TPA Fast Track Sent Back To The Senate

Hillary Waivers On TPA Support


McConnell To Implement Cloture Vote To Ram TPA Through Senate

American Sovereignty Hangs In The Balance: TPA Fast Track Sent Back To The Senate

by Jon Bowne- Daily News Collective


Ways And Means Committee Chair Paul Ryan attached a very popular retirement package bill for firefighters and police to the ominous TPA bill to ram it through the house. The unpopular TAA, that even saw staunch TPA supporter Texas Congressman Pete Sessions saying no, was not attached on this round. The TPA passed the house with a vote of 218-208. Breitbart writes The House action is unusual. As Breitbart News reported: “To engage in the complicated procedural chicanery needed to revive the once-dead Obamatrade, bringing its Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) portion back to life, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) needed to gut a previous bill that has passed the House and Senate and then insert Obamatrade into it. It’s actually a very similar process to how Obamacare passed the House.”

Paul Ryan argued that TPA would allow people to see what is in the TPP legislation 60 days before it would sent to a yes or no vote, essentially nullifying congress. Its like playing Russian Roulette with our Founding Principles as they will be transferred to a supranational corporacratic world government via the now rampant corporate structure of Congress. The extremely unpopular TPA bill as viewed by the American people now heads back to the Senate, where it will likely pass, according to Mitch McConnel.

The TPA fast track, former President Nixon's nursery of job killing trade bills, has given the United States economy so very little while destroying so much. NAFTA went into effect January 1 1994, in its 20 year history NAFTA eliminated at least 1 million U.S. jobs, a cancerous trade deficit between Mexico and Canada grew to $181 Billion, income inequality grew to new heights, and corporations benefited $360 million as domestic public interest policies were compromised. In 2000, President Bill Clinton argued that allowing China into the World Trade Organization would support hundreds of thousands of US jobs and that our economy would grow as a result. After China came into the WTO, the US trade deficit with China increased to $240 Billion and eliminated 3.2 million US jobs. KORUS, the Korea Free Trade Agreement, signed in 2012, saw 1 billion of US exports going to Korea. However, imports increased to 13 billion. Increasing the trade deficit by 12 billion and killing 75,000 US jobs in the process.

President Obama is claiming he will need the re engineered TAA bill to pass in the house to sign the Fast Track into effect. But we’ve all heard this one before. And after being lied to by this President more times than I can count, Obama will likely sign the TPA. TAA or not.

Obama is weeks away from getting down to the supranational warfare of dismantling our country in the name of Wall Street, Expanded Pollution Kickbacks , Telecom Monopolies and Pharmaceutical Companies. Not to mention the fragile sovereignty of the United States as it is gutted in the backrooms of globalist meetings, i.e, Bilderberg and the G7 and presented to the American people as documentation we aren't allowed to read.

Plain and simple. After last week’s brief victory. We are once again teetering on the precipice of allowing a corrupt, bought and paid for House and Senate to toss our rights, prosperity, and constitution into the dustbin of history.






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