The DNC Circus Day 2

The Glass Ceiling

A Long Speech From A Possible First Man

Wikileaks Reveals Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Responsible for Campaign Finance Violations

Assange: …next release will “provide enough evidence” to see Hillary arrested

Bernie Nominates Hillary

Bernie Supporters Revolt

Mass Delegate Walkout

Then Climb DNC Fence

Thugs With Bats Head To DNC

Green Party Candidate Jill Stein From The Chaos

Hillary Clinton Wins Democratic Nomination

Rosario Dawson: We’re not going to “Fall in line” Behind Hillary

Thrown Out: Clinton Delegate Assaults Sanders Delegate

Hillary Strategist Blames Stupid White People

Biden says Trump and Pence don’t know nothing about ISIS

Eric Holder Says Hillary Will Fix Incarceration Epidemic Although Her Husband Created It

Pelosi Congratulates

Obama Claims the Russians Will Sway The Election

Kremlin Calls DNC Wikileaks Assumption Absurd

Pelosi  “Ease up on the woman thing Hill…”

Bill Clinton Headlines Second Day Of Speakers at the DNC

Another Wikileaks Dump Coming?

Democrats Finally Display U.S. Flags

Fox Slips In Ratings 

Monica Lewinsky Crawls Out Of The Past

Bernie Refuses to Answer Whether He Trusts Hillary

Whites Ordered To The Back at BLM Rally

DNC Will Try To Quiet Berniacs

Black Lives Matter Criticizes Clinton Crime Bill that Sent Many Black Americans to Prison

Muslims Rail Against Islamophobia

DNC Blocks Challenge To VP Candidate Tim Kaine

Chuck Norris “Hillary would destroy what is left of our republic.”

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