North Korea May Start A War With A Model Airplane

Jon Bowne Daily News Collective

This is North Koreas lame excuse for a spy drone. 

Photo courtesy Yonhap/EPA

Seoul military announced the drone contained 555 pictures, mainly of the THAAD anti missile system currently parked on a Seoul golf course.

This “Grave Provocation” could actually be the lynch pin for action against North Korea. Seoul is threatening military action. Chinese officials are meeting with the White House to review any final options in what has been a failed attempt at reigning the rogue country in. Donald Trump tweeted “While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out. At least I know China tried! ”

The U.S. military is preparing for what maybe the sixth nuclear test by North Korea. A move that could easily cause a military response. Four Star General Jack Keane says that bombing North Korea Maybe the only option left. But that won’t be an easy task as Michael Snyder points out…”bombing North Korea is not like bombing Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria.
The North Koreans already have nuclear weapons, and the U.S. better destroy them all in an overwhelming initial assault, because Kim Jong Un will use any that survive to strike back.”

Meanwhile, Yonhap News Agency reports “North Korea’s top envoy to India on Wednesday offered a conditional moratorium on his country’s nuclear and missile tests in an apparent bid to hold talks with the United States.
North Korea Ambassador to India Kye Chun-yong said Pyongyang is willing to talk in terms of freezing its nuclear and missile tests under certain circumstances.

“If our demands is met, we can negotiate in terms of the moratorium of such as weapons testing,” Kye said in English in an interview posted on the website of India’s television station WION.

He suggested that one of the key demands is the halt of the U.S. joint military drills with South Korea, which Pyongyang denounced as a rehearsal for invasion. Seoul and Washington say their annual exercises are defensive in nature.”

Good luck with that Pyongyang. The last moratorium on missiles and nuclear tests unraveled after just two months back in 2012. And South Korean President Moon has no intention of scaling back so that North Korea can obviously launch an unprecedented attack. How about freeing the three Americans held in your prisons first and then we can talk.

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