NATO Claims “Weaponized” European Migrant Crisis

“Weaponized” European Migrant Crisis


Interesting article from the BBC. Apparently targeted towards people that have been living in a cave for the past 5 years. NATO’s “US Gen Philip Breedlove claims Russia and Syria are “weaponizing” migration to destabilize and undermine the continent.”

This after the United Nations, European Leaders, and NATO itself supported the mass exodus causing countries like Sweden and Norway to the brink of collapse and no recourse other than to violate international laws to protect their national security.

Migrant numbers have increased at record levels across Europe and parts of Asia from the beginning of 2016.  Violence is increasing and a backlash is growing. The entire process has become a dismal failure with nefarious undertones. Even Japan gave sanctuary a try. Only to have 2 of the handful of migrants admitted already committing rape. Meanwhile  wealthy oil based New World Order arab countries are taking in zero refugees.

Now NATO General Breedlove is complaining that ISIS is spreading like a cancer among the refugees.  Clearly an attempt to fool the public into believing their authority will allow them to escape the blame as Europe implodes. This is also a sign that the soft and hidden social engineering of billionaire George Soros is all going according to “THE PLAN“.

The sooner Europe realizes that George Soros in concert with the United Nations and its elitist consortium partners are succeeding in their consolidation of Europe as Soros leads the charge towards a New World Order… the better…or is too late?



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