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This is your Daily News Collective.com update for May 18, 2015.

President Obama Puts The Brakes On The Militarization Of Police

The Associated Press reports: “President Barack Obama is prohibiting the federal government from providing some military-style equipment to local departments and putting stricter controls on other weapons and gear distributed to law enforcement.”

Deadly Biker War In Waco, Texas. 9 Dead and 18 Wounded.

NBC affiliate KXAN in Austin Texas reports: “170 people have been arrested and are in the process of being booked and charged with engaging in organized crime in connection to the deadly shooting that broke out between five biker gangs and resulted in the deaths of 9 bikers and left 18 wounded at a Twin Peaks in Waco. Police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton says this shooting is now considered a capital murder case.”


Republicans Confidant That Highly Secretive Trade Bill Will Be Put On The Fast Track

The Senate is debating fast track authority to allow President Obama to complete the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal. Top Republicans are optimistic that they will have the votes for the the fast track legislation in both chambers of congress.

Over 500 Dead And 25,000 Flee Due To Islamic State Takeover Of Ramadi

U.S. led coalition forces have struck Islamic State forces in 19 air strikes in the area surrounding the Iraqi city of Ramadi. ISIS recently gained control of Ramadi, the strategic capital city in Iraqis largest province.

Dean Potter, Legendary Rock Climber Dies BASE Jumping

Legendary Rock Climber, 43 year old Dean Potter died in a BASE jumping accident in Yosemite National Park.


David Letterman Has Three Shows Left

David Letterman begins his finale of three nights on the Late Show after 22 years. They air on CBS at 11:35 Eastern time.

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