Jon Bowne Politix Week In Review 10.29.2017

With Halloween this close it’s inevitable that things become spooky.  Uranium toting democrats and Russian dossiers originally funded by republican never-Trump-ers.   The Washington Free Beacon, a decidedly conservative website was initially involved with the Fusion “pee-gate” dossier which alleged, among other things that Trump was more into watersports than anyone could have imagined leading the conversation away from the known DNC involvement into uncomfortably close to home territory for some and a desired diversion for other commentators.
The JFK files were partially exhumed this week.  Trump did get out a memo which he followed by a tweet encouraging our intel agencies to get the documents out “in full” but, don’t hold your breath.  Gallup and FiveThirtyEight polls shows that 61% of Americans believe Oswald didn’t act alone and there’s probably little in this week’s 2800 page release that will convince them otherwise in fact, most media from before and after the release this week has pointed toward years more of doubt.  Among the revelations so far….the FBI and the Surgeon General insist JFK was shot from the front and likely from the overpass the car carrying JFK was about to go under. An FBI memo states A British Newspaper reporter was tipped that he should contact the American Embassy 25 minutes before the assassination because big news was coming. Oswald’s assassination was tipped off a day before according to an FBI memo. In a memo written two days after the assassination, J. Edgar Hoover was compelled to convince the public that Oswald was the killer. Oswald spoke over the phone with a KGB agent in Mexico City two months prior to the assassination. Martin Luther King Jr. was heavily monitored by the FBI. Bizarre CIA documentation revealing that Hitler survived with the aliasAdolf Schrittelmayorand continued to reside in Tunga,Columbia. A picture linked to the contact of of a man resembling Hitler has become public record. Also, it should be noted that in 2009 a U.S. scientist examined the partial cremated remains of Hitler’s skull only to find out they were that of a 20 to 40 year old female.
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