Hillary Clinton’s Rise To The White House

Hillary Assistant Huma Abedin Dumps Sexting Husband

Feds Won’t Release Hillary State Department Calendar Until After Election

A Pattern of Unethical Behavior Emerges

Flying On Normal Airlines Too Burdensome

Revelations From Huma Abedin’s Journal

The Clinton Family Favor Factory

KKK Endorses Hillary

Official Email Count Rises

The Pickle Jar Test 

Google Should Hide Health Care Info

Advisors Ask NFL About Hillary’s Cracked Noggin

More Than Half of Clinton Foundation Donors Met with Hillary at the State Department

James Carvillle Says People Going to Hell After Attacking the Clinton Foundation

Vince Foster FBI Files Disappear From the National Archives

Hillary Hires Firm to Block Hacking of Clinton Foundation

Dr. Drew Raises Concerns

Is She Sick?

Hillary’s Erratic Behavior Raises Questions

Campaign Taps Illegals To Vote

Tim Kaine Says Hillary Learned From Her Mistake

Hillary Still has NO Answer  for Email Scandal

Hillary’s Emails Mention Executed Iranian Nuclear  Scientist

Hillary Gets Help Climbing the Stairs

Man Who Served Papers on DNC Fraud Case Found Dead

Mayor Supporting Hillary Busted on Sex For Meth Charge

Khan: Constitution Must Always Be Subordinated to Shariah

Hillary Campaign Denies Investigation 

Hillary Gets Her Billionare Backers in Line

VP Kaine’s Gun Control Odyssey 

Anti Hillary Merchandise Skyrockets

Paul Ryan Works for Hillary?

No Obama, Hillary Unfit For Office

Hillary For Prison On Parade


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